Mom Tiger Will Finally Lose Her Shit on New Episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you’ve ever sat and watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with your kid, and thought to yourself, There’s no way Mom Tiger is always that calm and collected!, you’ll soon be rejoicing.

After receiving more than a few complaints from moms everywhere, the creator behind the popular kids’ show, told the writers to produce a more realistic episode.

“Parents wrote in demanding to see a truer reflection of themselves; a flawed parent who sometimes makes mistakes and loses his/her temper,” the executive producer explained. “No parent is perfect, and just as all kids can push those imperfect parents to the edge, four-year-old Daniel would logically be doing the same to his mom and dad. I want a show to depict that, instead of everything being sunshine and roses, ending with hugs, kisses, and a kumbaya type song. In reality, some families conclude their day with the theme song “Crazy Train” playing and I wanted that to be seen.”

Before it airs next month, we received a synopsis for the show, which will be titled, “Daniel Won’t Stay in Bed”.


The Bangs Catastrophe

When my first daughter was 15 months, I decided she needed bangs. Her baby fine hair was constantly in her face, and she loathed hair clips; always pulling them out.

I was tired of the battle, so I made an appointment for her to get a first “hair cut”.

She was adorable; however, she instantly appeared six months older. I cried on the way home about my baby growing up. (f’ing hormones).


Eight weeks later, she needed a trim. The battle ensued with me trying to pin back the hair out of her eyes, and her ripping the barrettes out.

How hard is it to trim bangs??? I wondered. Why pay someone to just snip across her forehead??

How hard is it? HARD.

I got her settled on the couch, turned on the TV as a distraction, and grabbed my scissors. Carefully, I combed her bangs down, making them flat against her head. She could have cared less, totally engrossed by Daniel Tiger.

See! What’s the big deal?! This is going to be easy!!

*Snip. Perfect.

*Snip. Snip. Looking good!!

*Sni—17th month old quickly moves her head—ppppp! *Scissors finish cutting upwards, at an angle, as the toddler pulls away.

SHIT! This isn’t good!! Okay, let’s try to even this out……*Snip snip. Hmm, okay, I need to go up a little to make it straight. *Snip snip snip snip. Oh God, this is so horrible, but I can’t stop now or it will look like a rabid animal chewed it off! Alright, I need to go up even further, then try to have it balanced across as much as possible…