In 2014, I was about to have my second child when my first was not even two-years-old yet. To say I was slightly nervous about this change is an understatement. As I began to navigate this new role as a mom of two, I started Sweet n’ Sour Mom. It initially was a place I could turn to when I needed to get out my joys and frustrations about motherhood. As I began sharing what I wrote, and noticed many moms felt the same way, I decided to make this blog more public. I then had baby #3 in 2017, and even though I felt like more of a parenting expert, I still sometimes have to lock myself behind a bathroom door with a bag of Oreos to cry about it all. Parenting is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t feel as if anyone relates to what you’re going through and you’re all alone. I write from a very honest perspective and sometimes add humor and sarcasm to my posts, because let’s face it: Parenting without a sense of humor is a death sentence!