It’s Not a Side Hustle; I Actually Enjoy it!

It’s Not a Side Hustle; I Actually Enjoy it!

This past January, I began an adventure as an independent makeup artist with Maskcara.   Before I agreed, I thoroughly researched the company. Hearing about “evil” MLM companies before, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting suckered into a scam.

I didn’t want to sign up to have this completely consume my life or stress out if it wasn’t supplementing our income enough. I started using the makeup in December of last year and immediately loved the simplicity of it as a busy mom. I thought other busy moms should know about it, too. And THAT’S the reason I signed up.

Every day I wear a lot of hats: I’m a mom, wife, daughter/friend, writer, coffee fiend etc. Sharing this amazing product with other women is just another role I play.

I wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t like it or trust what the company believes in.

I’ve already dealt with some people scoffing at this endeavor, making comments about it being a pyramid scheme, (I’ll save how Maskcara is definitely not in another post) but I don’t care. I love the makeup and telling others about it.

Life is too short. We all need to do what we love while we’re here. When I joined, I was asked to explain my WHY. That’s my response. It’s very simple. Going on hikes make me happy. Writing makes me happy. Sitting on a beach makes me happy. Playing with my kids makes me happy.  Being a Maskcara beauty artist makes me happy.

Find your happy in this life and that’s your why. ❤️XO

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