15 Minutes

Husband- “Ok, I’ll see everyone tonight!”

Me-“WAAAAIIITTT!! Do you have ten minutes?! Could you wait ten minutes for me to jump in the shower??? I had zero time yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that, we have such a busy day, I’m so tired of walking around with greasy hair up in a Mom Bun, the dry shampoo is laughing at me at this point, I probably smell like the bottom of the laundry bin or decaying fish, and..

Husband-“Emily..Just go. Yes, I can wait. You don’t need to state your case. Enjoy.”

“Enjoy” is exactly what I did. I actually got 15 minutes alone: Ten for the glorious, heavenly shower, and five for sips of my hot coffee, uninterrupted. 

He left for work, and I felt rejuvenated. (It’s amazing how hot water and coffee will do that to ya!) Sometimes, as moms, 15 minutes is all it takes. 15 minutes to shower without an audience…15 minutes to sit outside and chat, with your best friend, on the phone…15 minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream, alone, without tiny voices begging for some. 

Obviously, when you get longer than that, it’s like all the stars are aligned in the universe, but honestly, as a SAHM, I’ll take those 15 minutes happily and appreciatively. 

Before kids, I took “me time” for granted, obviously. “Enjoy this time,” I’d like to go back and tell the old me. “Be happy that you can pee without tiny people gawking, asking you a ton of questions, such as “Do you need to poop?” or “Why do you have hair there on your pagina?”

To save our sanity, we need those 15 minutes, on a daily basis, ideally. Occasionally, we need days where it’s hours (or a whole weekend!) Our kids are incredibly important, but we have to come first, as much as we can, or we won’t be the happy moms they deserve.

So, take 15 minutes (or longer) every day to do something you enjoy, without ever feeling guilty. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Stuff your face with cake. Spend a few hours just mindlessly walking around Target. 

Don’t be Supermom constantly: Rely on others to give you that time YOU DESERVE. Ask your partner. Ask a friend or neighbor. (Don’t ask a stranger standing outside of a gas station, though. Not smart.) 

Enjoy your day, Moms, and those 15 minutes you owe yourself!!😘

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  1. So true!

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