Mom Tiger Will Finally Lose Her Shit on New Episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you’ve ever sat and watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with your kid, and thought to yourself, There’s no way Mom Tiger is always that calm and collected!, you’ll soon be rejoicing.

After receiving more than a few complaints from moms everywhere, the creator behind the popular kids’ show, told the writers to produce a more realistic episode.

“Parents wrote in demanding to see a truer reflection of themselves; a flawed parent who sometimes makes mistakes and loses his/her temper,” the executive producer explained. “No parent is perfect, and just as all kids can push those imperfect parents to the edge, four-year-old Daniel would logically be doing the same to his mom and dad. I want a show to depict that, instead of everything being sunshine and roses, ending with hugs, kisses, and a kumbaya type song. In reality, some families conclude their day with the theme song “Crazy Train” playing and I wanted that to be seen.”

Before it airs next month, we received a synopsis for the show, which will be titled, “Daniel Won’t Stay in Bed”.


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My Heart Hurts

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” MLK Jr.

For a writer who usually finds the right words easily, I have struggled today. My heart hurts for two families who have the deaths of their loved ones being played out for all to see, as they try to make sense of the events and deal with their grief. My heart hurts for the young girl, in the back seat, who had to witness her father dying. My heart hurts for Alton Sterling’s five children. My heart hurts for the police officers who do the right thing every day, want to protect and serve, and feel affected by the ones who don’t. My heart hurts for the five, innocent souls in Dallas. My heart hurts for everyone who now feels afraid to live because of the color of their skin. My heart hurts for those who spew hatred on social media, saying the one man deserved it because of his criminal record. My heart hurts for the girl at the store today, in front of me, who said to her friend, “White people don’t get the sadness.” You’re wrong. I, too, feel the same injustice you are, and stand next to you, not as a white woman, but a human being who wants all human beings to be treated the same.

My heart hurts…


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