When You Made Me a Mom


When you made me a mom, the clock stopped, for a minute, at 7:15.

Your eyes, staring at me intently, were the most beautiful thing.

It was surreal to say, “This is my daughter.”

I could no longer be selfish, and the weight of the responsibility to take care of a helpless and tiny human, curled up in my arms, fingers wrapped around mine, felt very heavy.

My purpose in life was made clear, that cool September evening, when you made me a mom.


When you made me a mom, I finally understood unconditional love.

A love so intense, it’s a fire raging in the deepest part of my soul.

It’s a love which can make me laugh alongside you while you’re playing pretend.

It’s a love which can make me, after watching you hit your sister, see red.

It’s a love which can make me whisper I’m sorry, with tears in my eyes, to your sleeping angelic face, after a bad day,

And it’s a love which fills me with fear as you loosen your grip on my hand, stepping further into this BIG world.


The instant you made me a mom, I couldn’t stop breathing you in.

I couldn’t believe you were mine and I promised you the moon.

I promised to teach you how to be strong, and kind, and confident with who you are.

I promised to laugh with you daily and dance with you in the rain.


When you made me a mom, I worried about being perfect and doing everything the right way.

I stressed about every decision that I made throughout the entire day.

I soon took a deep breath and knew it was okay to wear a tattered superhero cape.

Because when you made me a mom, I was perfect in your eyes right away.


And so on this Mother’s Day, thank you is what I want to say–

Thank you for making me feel complete and fulfilled,

Thank you for easily forgiving me when I’ve failed,

Most importantly, thank you for choosing me and MAKING ME A MOM.

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