Finding Your MBFF..To Survive Motherhood

We moved in 2013, and I was worried. Not about finding the closest Target, but about finding my village.

Back in my hometown, I still have two close-as-sister friends, but that’s four hours away; Too far to get together for a quick drink after the kids have driven me to the edge of a cliff.

This stressed me out. Everyone needs a MBFF, a village. A person(s) you can count on, as a support system, at all times, without much warning. A person who you can vent to about your husband, kids, in-laws, other moms, etc. A person who will rush over to help when you’re sick and the house is falling down around you.

Finding Your Mom Village

You know you found your MBFF when:

You don’t have to worry about wearing the same thing two days in a row in front of her, and bras are optional.

She also won’t judge when your hair looks like you just cooked up some meat, then poured the grease all over your head.

You don’t care about cleaning up, nor do you check how clean the toilet is, in the powder room, before she comes to visit.


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Backyard Camping

Tent, backyard camping

BC (before children), my husband and I were avid campers. We liked to rough it (yes, that means I shit in the woods). We’ve been recently talking about taking the girls; although, we’ll have to take them “glamping”at first until they’re a bit older. We thought we’d just go ahead and do some good ole’ fashioned backyard camping, in a month or so, to teach them the ins and outs of spending the night in the great outdoors…I mean yard.

Here’s five things I think must be included, that night, to make backyard camping a success:

1.Create a realistic camping site. Set up the tent and fill it with sleeping bags and pillows. Have a couple of camping chairs sitting outside of the tent. Close your eyes and imagine you’re out in the middle of nowhere, with a fast-moving river next to you, while Eagles sour above your head (this will get you in the camping mood, while you’re staring at the back of your neighbor’s house).

2.Having a fire is a must. A fire-pit would be ideal, but if you don’t own one, drag your grill over. A fire’s a fire, whatever the source. Camping without a fire, however, is like, a library without books, so definitely have one, even if you have to light a match and burn a piece of paper for a minute!


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